Thursday, July 1, 2010

End of June and Beginning of July 2010

The cats got nice and comfy for a couple of weeks at Grandmother's before we hauled them off to the heat of Florida.

Mother and Dad had us all over to their house for dinner on one of our last nights in Alabama.

Cole and Jenny came, Josh was there too.

Kem and Jimmy came.

My parents and me.

This was one of our last stops for gas on the way down.

This "piezilla" was our dinner once we arrived. Can you believe how big it was? See how it towers over that full size box of cookies? I didn't think it had a chance of tasting any good, but it was pretty darn good. Reminded me of the Million Dollar pizzas(i think that is what it was called) we used to get from Milanos off Ecorse Rd in Ypsi.

The cats don't seem to mind the temporary living. Even on cleaning days when we lock them in their bedroom.

They find plenty of places to spread out.

But if they are feeling ANYTHING like we are feeling, they are ready to be in a REAL home again.