Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In the kitchen with Jordan

This year was the first time since she moved out that Jordan has literally asked me to teach her how to make something food-wise. She has asked me for receipes and such before but we have never really spent a lot of time in the kitchen together. She spent more time in the kitchen with me this year, preparing food AND cleaning up than any ever. Thanks Jordan. I miss you tons!
We made fresh Salsa (spicey!) and Guac. The pictures shown are from when I made these recipes right after my sister passed them on to me a few years ago. Fresh tomatoes and no food processor. Jordan likes her salsa a guac a lot less chunky so she used a food processor for making her salsa. It was delicious. She also mashed her avacados a lot more than what is shown in the picture. It was very tasty also.
If I don't find a job soon after my layoff in January, it will be back to making many things from scratch. I kind of miss that anyway. It may be more of a challenge these days since pasta and potatoes are out (James is diabetic). But I just may find some delicious healthier alternatives to those items.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I love my family

and so enjoyed having them with me for the day.